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HER signifies a focus on hygiene, education and rural. It started with a group of women when their hearts melted on seeing the conditions of women in the remotest corners of India. The determination to empower women through HER FOUNDATION started on seeing the unawareness of the tribal girls during the times of their menstrual cycle. That’s just one part of the story, our broader vision is the complete self-sufficiency and empowerment of women as per their skills so that they can be independent and free from the shackles of social imbalance because of gender discrimination. We want dignity and equivalence for women across different segments of Indian society. HER FOUNDATION is an NPO [ Non-Profit Organization] with an initial goal of providing work to marginalized women from rural areas as per their skills, education and cure for their health problems.

A bitter truth lives around us in this society, i.e., empowering the downtrodden and subjugated women from rural India is not easy because even in the 21st century they are surrounded by lots of social barricades with gender discrimination being the most prevalent, as social malice. Women have been facing this problem since ancient times and it has been increasing since then. At HER FOUNDATION, we believe that discrimination against women on the basis of gender, colour, caste or religion has to be completely eradicated. Therefore, we operate FOR WOMEN, WITH WOMEN, BY WOMEN and TO WOMEN giving them hope and happiness that lasts. We accept all forms of cashless support that will accomplish our goal. This may include food or machinery or the intellectual power of women.