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As it is said- “Action speaks louder than words”, at HER we thrive through this and believe in a practical way of empowering women, unlike the ones who promise but fail to fulfil it. India being a country of 147 billion people and women holding up to 48.4% of it, still faces the major issue of women's empowerment, which is only limited to theories and papers. To prevent the ground reality about women suffering from a decrease in marginalized society, we are here to provide them work based on their skills, healthcare, hygiene and practical training to enhance their skills and education that takes them to the path of self-sufficiency. HER FOUNDATION will be completely operated BY WOMEN in association with different tie-ups that will help in generating skill-based work under our trademark as an NPO.

The fund generated will be utilized FOR WOMEN's empowerment in different areas of society, which are to be managed by the HER FOUNDATION TRUST. Our lifetime fight is against gender discrimination, lack of hygiene education and women's harassment on the basis of caste, colour, gender and religion from the influential and tyrannic sections of the societies located in different parts of India.

OUR TEAM: HER FOUNDATION is the brainchild of our mentor, Adv. Bhumita Savarkar, an advocate by qualification. Since her childhood, she dreamt about the upliftment and empowerment of women and as of today, she is making her dreams come to reality through the successful and selfless operations of the foundation. HER FOUNDATION provides freedom of work to women with no restrictions and exemptions.

Under the chairmanship of Adv Bhumita Savarkar, the women's team supervised all crucial assignments with volunteers playing an exemplary role.