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At HER FOUNDATION, we abide by a holistic approach so that we can concentrate on the different issues that hamper the empowerment of women. When we address different issues that directly or indirectly block the women empowerment, we address them in an integrated form so that we can find a complete or wholesome solution. HER FOUNDATION organizes events for highlighting various objectives related to the women empowerment. We organize time to time events related to the empowerment of women. Some of the event highlights are:
  • Complete enhancement of women in different areas of life.
  • Generating an exclusive environment through genuine economic and social policies for tapping the complete potential of women to take them on a developmental path.
  • On the fundamental freedom of women and their equality with men in all spheres of life.
  • Equal access with men when it comes to the participation and decision making.
  • Empowering women economically and socially
  • Awareness about violent acts against women and girls and also includes sexual molestation
  • Awareness about menstrual hygiene among the rural women